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Security on a wireless gaming router

A wireless network router adds a new layer of security that is more effective, if configured correctly,  than most software security packages you might have installed on your Windows PC. It is also faster at filtering incoming/outgoing network traffic and consumes less hardware resources than a software level of security. The majority of routers can be upgraded via firmware in order to support new functionality and new encryption protocols, but it depends on the manufacturer’s availability to update their existing models.

A wireless  router is more vulnerable to attacks than a wired only version as it can be hacked from distance, without needing physical access to the case, but  if a strong enough security protocol and/or MAC filtering table is configured things can get more comfortable for you. But you should always consult your router’s owner manual to see the best available solutions at your disposal to secure more efficiently your home network.

As always, you can get the list of the best gaming routers out there and pick the one that fits your budget best.


What to look for when buying the best gaming mouse?

Do you play games a lot during the day?  If yes then I’m sure you know the importance of good gaming gear, but choosing the right gaming accessory is not easy. That’s why this short guide comes in handy for choosing the best gaming mouse.

First I’ll define what a gaming mouse is: a special designed mouse that features great performance during fast and slow hand movements plus it comes with more customization option that its office counterparts.

Now, the features should you should look for when buying  the perfect gaming mices:

  • form: are you right handed or left handed? If you’re left handed you’re looking at an ambidextrous mouse, which limits your choice. If you’re right handed then pretty much any gaming mouse will fit your hand
  • size: do you have a big hand or a small one? corroborate this fact with the way you handle a mouse and see what should better fit the palm of your hand
  • weight: if you play for long hours you might want a lighter mouse . The best option here is to pick a gaming mouse with weight adjustable option
  • buttons: do you play using a lot on combos? If so then choose a mouse with more customizable buttons
  • special functions and software package: a good gaming mouse must come with a customization program that will allow you to record Macros and then play them with a click of a mouse.
  • communication technology: if supreme performance is what you seek then go for a wired mouse.

I hope this guide answers some questions about what to look for when purchasing the best gaming mouse. If you don’t have time for research you might want to take a look here: a top best gaming mouse you can buy today.

The Logitech G9 gaming mouse, the best wired gaming mouse today: