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Security on a wireless gaming router

A wireless network router adds a new layer of security that is more effective, if configured correctly,  than most software security packages you might have installed on your Windows PC. It is also faster at filtering incoming/outgoing network traffic and consumes less hardware resources than a software level of security. The majority of routers can be upgraded via firmware in order to support new functionality and new encryption protocols, but it depends on the manufacturer’s availability to update their existing models.

A wireless  router is more vulnerable to attacks than a wired only version as it can be hacked from distance, without needing physical access to the case, but  if a strong enough security protocol and/or MAC filtering table is configured things can get more comfortable for you. But you should always consult your router’s owner manual to see the best available solutions at your disposal to secure more efficiently your home network.

As always, you can get the list of the best gaming routers out there and pick the one that fits your budget best.